Equestrian arena

Refilling, renewing and leveling of an equestrian surface in an equestrian center.


  • Year of implementation: 2011 and 2016
  • Nature of surface: uneven
  • Area: 800 m²
  • Construction time: Half a day

Project description

Even the most sophisticated equestrian surface shows wear with use and requires expert restoration. This was the case for this project, where a totally new equestrian arena was built. Due to past heavy use and intense weather exposure, some improvement work was inevitable. Over time, the wear surface was dislodged through lunging, riding, etc. In addition, the wear surface was uneven, measuring about 3 cm in some places and 12 cm in others. This issue had to be tackled and the ground leveled using suitable laser equipment.

The equestrian surface was broken up and leveled to create an even sand layer of
10 cm in depth. The equestrian arena was then rolled and machined with spring tines. Once work was complete, the equestrian arena could again be used for training in the best possible conditions.