Erosion protection

Slope reinforcement for The Squaire in Frankfurt am Main.


  • Year of implementation: 2011
  • Area: approx. 1200 m²
  • Customer: Frankfurt Airport

Project description

The Frankfurt/Main airport was completed in 2011 with the then largest office building in Germany - THE SQUAIRE (formerly Airrail Center Frankfurt).
With a building floor area of 36,000 m², a suitable solution was sought for rainwater drainage from the roof. For ecological, water-management and planning reasons, the water was to be recirculated as close as possible to where it fell.
Due to space restrictions in the densely built-up area around The Squaire between the A3 expressway and the B43 federal highway, the land consumption for an optimum drainage solution was to be kept to a minimum. The project that was eventually implemented was a drainage system with staggered sub-basins. The bank of the basins has an inclination of up to 1: 1.5. They are reinforced with our ECORASTER S50 ground stabilization system and ground nails.

The planted ground reinforcement system stops erosion of the easily eroded slope surface and ensures the efficient drainage of the water into the ground. 

Products used for this project