Erosion protection

"Fun Tube" tubing track for the recreational center Waldmünchen, Germany.


  • Year of implementation: 2014
  • Area: approx. 550 m²
  • Customer: 93449 Waldmünchen, Bavaria

Project description

Main issue:
The idyllic town of Waldmünchen is located in the middle of the countryside close to the border with Germany's Czech neighbors. In order to offer our visitors an attraction outside the winter months, we were planning to install a new tubing track on the ski slope of the Althütte recreational center.

Solution and implementation:
The summer tubing track at the Althütte recreation center is the new attraction in Waldmünchen, offering 160 m of "pure sliding pleasure". The elevator allows easy access so that the fun can start: The fun tubes zoom down the slope on our ECORASTER E50 surface at speeds of up to 30 km/h. And visitors can use the elevator for easy and comfortable access - even in the summer. It transports the tubes and pleasure seekers to the top of the slope on a suitably reinforced surface. Thanks to the ECORASTER system, the ski slope at the recreational center in Waldmünchen can now also be used for summer activities.

Products used for this project