Permeable logistics, parking and storage areas.

Modern heavy-duty surfaces with integrated rainwater management system.

As more and more land in settlement and traffic areas is built upon, approximately half of all projects feature sealed surfaces. The ECORASTER ground reinforcement system offers a real alternative to sealed surfaces in order to maintain natural ground properties. Expensive surface drainage or leveling work can usually be avoided because even large quantities of water can drain away quickly to alleviate the effects of heavy rainfall.

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Easy and quick coverage of large areas

Permeable ground stabilization is particularly well suited for large storage and parking areas and can help to lower precipitation tax. The added benefit of this system is its easy installation because even large areas can be covered quickly and easily without the need for heavy machinery. For heavy load applications, we recommend primarily filling the elements with gravel for a stable, durable and cost-effective solution.

Finished surfaces are robust enough to withstand point loads from stored swap trailers or parked trucks. If the area is subject to frequent turning and maneuvering, ground reinforcement elements should be covered with a 2 cm layer of gravel to give the required durability.

Our product recommendations for logistics, parking and storage areas