Ground grids for campsites - Aesthetic, ecological and economical.

Durable areas do not have to be sealed.

The ECORASTER® ground reinforcement system creates permeable and durable areas that retain the natural ground characteristics. Loads are effectively distributed and rainwater can easily drain away through the ground without the need for costly drainage systems. Ruts and puddles can be easily avoided and precipitation tax reduced.

It is worth it... on so many levels.

Retain the natural characteristics of your ground. This benefits you and your guests:

  • Highly durable areas
  • Significantly reduced maintenance
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • kNo trip hazards, puddles or ruts

Your Projects:

  1. Parking lots
  2. Accessible parking spaces
  3. ECOSEDUM® Pack, roof greening
  4. Rainwater retention basin
  5. Construction of pathways & heavy-duty areas
  6. Accessible walkways
  7. Planted ground stabilization
  8. Microgreen (sedum), planted parking areas
  9. Slipways, embankment stabilization
  10. Emergency access areas and verges

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