Home and garden

Private garden in Erbendorf, Germany.


  • Year of implementation: 2014
  • Area: 50 m²
  • Construction time: 2,5 days

Project description

The objective: Turn a slippery clay surface into a hard-wearing area which is able to withstand a paddling pool, trampoline or garden party. In light of potential tax implications for “sealed surfaces,” the client decided to do without elaborate draining in favor of a permeable solution. ECORASTER Bloxx elements created a paved solution which does not need grouting, is easy to install and offers a stable surface with built-in drainage.

Work carried out: After the first layer was removed, the ground was given a slight slope “away from the house.” The base consists of construction fleece, which is laid directly onto the natural ground. Added to this was a layer of gravel which was compacted using a vibrating plate. The base layer was made up of 2/5 gravel. Despite the slope, this allowed for a flat surface with a base to ensure sufficient rainwater retention. 

The ECORASTER Bloxx elements combine with the system infrastructure to form a solid retaining frame for the concrete blocks, which levels out small irregularities and allows for slight inclines without turning paving stones into trip hazards. This is particularly noticeable in the transition to the lawn area.

Conclusion: The heavy rainfall of the past few days has not had any negative impact - the water continued to drain without any problems. It is comforting to know that our paddling pool can burst without flooding the house or garden. The work shown in this picture was completed by the home owner and one helper in only two days. 

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